Mary Thalia Cifuentes Rojas

“English teacher with a positive attitude towards the teaching of university students and professionals; pedagogical, andragogic leadership and human development with support in methodologies, strategies and good relations with others, enriching, strengthening and stimulating intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.”

Rosa María Chicaiza Chicaiza

“Bachelor of Humanities and Education English Mention at the Technical University of Ambato – Sufficiency of English B2 – C1 – Master in Teaching English as a Foreign Language at the Catholic University of Santiago de Guayaquil – Courses and Trainings in Local, National and Foreign Institutions.”

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Spelling English Teaching Center

The company will aim to engage in the activity language teaching activities and conversation classes; as well as it will be able to execute the complementary activities: teaching activities that can not be assigned to a certain level, includes the processes of training training and perfection. Technical and professional teaching of level below that of higher education, training for tourist guides, chefs and other personnel of hotels and restaurants; postbachillerate education and higher technical level, intended for the training and training for work of operational character, corresponding to this level the professional titles of technical or technologist; activities of services of directed duties, academic tutoring, preparation for the income to the university, centers of education that offer courses of recovery and courses of review for professional examinations; provision of non-educational services to support processes or educational systems as educational consultancy, educational guidance, examination and evaluation services thereof, organization of student exchange programs.